Bridging Life’s Transitions

Bridging Life’s Transitions

In keeping with my mission, it’s my honor to help you live your best life and gracefully bridge life’s transitions. As a trained Elder Care Consultant, I can offer advocate support, companionship, education, and guidance to you and your loved ones to help dispel fears and facilitate a more meaningful experience. I will walk you through the process of planning your end-of-life experience.

Most of these steps can be taken at any time, any adult age. Completing this process is a gift to those who may have to make difficult decisions if you are ever not able to communicate. During a health crisis everyone is stressed, this is not the time to have to make important decisions. This planning process is invaluable, once it’s complete, most people feel peace and a weight lifted, and empowerment that allows in being able to fully enjoy life. A good end-of-life doesn’t happen by chance, it should be well planned.

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Elder Care Consultant Services

You can turn to me during a difficult aging situation when you aren’t sure who to speak with or where to turn for help. I help families navigate difficult transitions, create aging well plans, listen to concerns, give guidance about living situations, provide care management, and relieve caregiver stress.

Below is a more detailed explanation of the different ways I can help you plan and be prepared:

Advance Healthcare Directive

Healthcare proxy, 5 Wishes and discussion associated with family, make copies, and distribute to necessary parties, family, medical doctors, etc.


  • Advocate for client at medical, social service and legal appointments. Help clients and loved ones navigate these systems. As we age, we may have more health issues to discuss. Having two people hear the discussion and making sure we understand is much better than just one set of ears, since it can be difficult for one person to remember everything that’s been discussed.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Mediate difficult conversations with family about end of life wishes, care plans, living well wishes. Communicate health updates with family members at a distance.
  • Helping you find elder care experts (In-home nursing care, Daily living assistance, medical providers, elder care attorneys, assisted living and nursing home recommendations).

Live Well Planning

  • Create a living well plan, that involves monitoring the need for and arranging for assistance needed in the home (Prioritizing needs, personal care, companion care, identifying safety issues, locating home health aides).
  • Assist with necessary documents; organizing “After Death File” for those left behind.
  • Provide regular home and/or Tele Visits. Offering monitoring, support, and looking for changes. Addressing issues early can positively impact quality of life.
  • Health Record Organization & Management (List of medications, family health history, personal health history, healthcare visit summaries and notes, hospital discharge summaries, test results, medical insurance forms, healthcare directives).
  • Companionship.

Home Management

  • Property management.
  • Oversee other members of the care team, HHAs, Skilled home care, Housekeepers, etc.
  • Overseeing of necessary household activities and pet care which can include transportation to and from appointments, provide in- home care, or on leash dog walks.


  • Sort, organize, find new places for things you no longer want, use, or need.
  • Coordinate your move.
  • Find a dependable moving company.
  • Preparing home for Sale, finding a dependable realtor.

Elder Care Consultant Offerings

Get tailored care and service time with my offerings below:

Appointment Advocate Package

As your advocate, I will escort you to 2 appointments, including transportation from your home to the appointment. (Additional travel fee applies if the appointment location is outside of Orange County area) Includes organization of important documents relevant to appointments (medication lists, health history, insurance, etc.) 

Consists of 2 ½-3 hrs. per appointment.

Advance Directive Planning

Healthcare proxy, 5 wishes, discussion meetings with family, make copies and distribute to appropriate parties, family, medical doctors, etc.

Consists of 2- 2 hr. sessions.

Live Well Package

Ideal for seniors who wish to plan for their next phase of life. Do you want to stay at home as long as possible? Will the level of care you need require that you live in an assisted living community? What are your options and costs?

Together, we will create a living well plan that involves assessing your needs and arranging for assistance accordingly. (Prioritizing emotional needs, personal care, companion care, identifying safety issues, locating home health aides, housekeepers, physical therapy, etc.) Part of living well also means being ready, we will organize all your important documents and create a “After death file.”

Consists of 8hrs. of service time.

Personalized Services Package

Do you need personalized help? Upon our initial assessment, we will create a service plan specifically tailored to your needs. Includes any of my services as an Elder Care Consultant.

Consists of 12 hrs. of service time.

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