Everyone’s end-of-life journey is unique.

A Unique Journey

I meet my clients where they are on this journey and offer services that can help them reach a deeper understanding of the end-of-life process, provide physical, spiritual, and emotional comfort, and achieve a deeper peace for all involved.

Clients can engage me to provide any of the following services or explore with me ways in which I can help meet additional needs not mentioned below. I am available for in-person support as well as phone and remote video call sessions. While I am based in Orange County, CA., I am open to traveling to support my clients wherever they are.

End-of-Life Doula Services

I can be of assistance to the terminally ill and their loved ones during the different phases of the end-of-life process. I bring ultimate care and offer my presence during the last stage of their journey, providing tailored aid during these grieving times.

To get a better idea of how I can be of service, learn more about my End-of-Life services below:

Companionship and Respite

My main goal is to be a companion to the dying and their loved ones. I serve as a supportive presence and “hold the space” for the dying patient and their loved ones to decrease as much stress as possible at this time. A dying person may be alone or without family and friends for a significant portion of their day.

During these visits, the dying person may choose to discuss their end-of-life process, ask questions about what lies ahead, share fears or worries about their journey, or share how they think their loved ones will deal with their dying. Other times, the dying person may simply appreciate the company of a caring person who can address their needs, listen to their stories, or simply offer silent companionship. I also offer respite visits to allow primary caregivers to get a break, rest or address other needs or obligations unrelated to the care of their loved one.

Creating Remembrances/Legacy Projects

One of the primary areas of focus as an end-of-life guide is exploring life’s meaning through personal reflections that help a dying person and those close to them look at what has been important to that person over the course of their life. We’ll explore what they have learned, the values they have come to hold, their impact on the people they have lived among, and what they consider to be their legacy.

I will support a dying person and loved ones in extracting from this discussion the material they might want to use in creating a remembrance/legacy project. This project may reflect who the dying person has been and the impact they will leave behind on people and their community. Such a project could yield a video, a scrapbook, letters to loved ones, etc.

Advance Healthcare Directives

This is a legal document that will express the patient’s wishes for healthcare and pick a health care proxy-Someone to speak for the patient if they are not able to speak for themselves.

Suggesting Interventions for Comfort

I have been specially trained in all phases of end-of-life care. Knowing what to look for as a patient’s condition changes and knowing what interventions to suggest to the family to increase comfort. Be the eyes and ears to notify the hospice team of any changes or new developments.

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Planning the Vigil

To vigil is to be with or near the dying person, this period is typically the last 2-3 days of life.

Healthcare professionals (nurses and doctors) are too busy (and it’s not their job) to stop and set a unique and sacred space for the patient. The family may be overwhelmed coping with their loved ones impending transition that they may not be aware of how they could bring comforts to the dying person.

I will help the dying person and loved one’s plan for the last days of life. This involves reviewing and explaining the choices they have regarding where they want to die, how the space is to be set up around them, the kinds of interaction they want with loved ones, caregivers, and others, as well as the kind of sounds, readings, smells, light, and touch they would find comforting and helpful as they go through the transition process.

Vigil Presence

When the dying person is in the last days of life – the time often referred to as the “vigil” or “active dying phase”, I will attend to them and those around them in ways that reflect their wishes. My primary focus at this stage is maintaining and advocating for the spirit of a plan they had worked out beforehand. If no such planning work occurred prior to my involvement, I will review the choices and options available with those involved as the vigil begins. I may use sound, readings, and ritual to deepen the sense of meaning and bring greater comfort to everyone involved.

While I do not provide any medical care, I may assist in the physical care of the dying person such as assisting in repositioning, adjusting, or changing bedding, providing basic oral care, and offering general comfort care. 24/7 support can usually be arranged if it is desired.

Post Death Planning

I will help the dying patient and/or their loved one’s plan for the care of the body after death. Plans may be structured to engage a natural funeral service, home funeral or a traditional funeral home or mortuary to care for the body. Most plans will include specific details related to post-death body care, a memorial or remembrance ceremony, and burial or cremation intentions. I will help the dying patient and/or their loved ones understand their options, document their wishes, and assist in overseeing the execution of their intentions.

Writing the Obituary

Helping the patient/family to write their own obituary.

Writing the Eulogy

Helping the patient/family to write his or her own eulogy.

End-of-Life Doula Offerings

For specific details of services offered on this transformative journey, see my offerings below:

Advance Directive Planning

Choosing a healthcare proxy, completing advance healthcare directives, 5 wishes, discussion meetings with family, make copies and distribute to appropriate parties, family, medical doctors, etc.

Consists of 2 – 2 Hr. sessions.

Introductory Package

Customized to fit your specific needs. Includes any of the services I offer as an End-of-life Doula. Ideal for clients who need assistance with planning the vigil, planning funeral services, writing an obituary/eulogy, and creating legacy projects.

Consists of 8 hrs. of service time.

Multiple Visits

Customized plan to fit your specific needs. Includes any of the services I offer as an End-of-Life Doula. Ideal for clients who benefit from continuous planning and companionship from time of diagnosis to time of transition.

Consists of 14 hrs. of service time.

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